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Spirituality and Abundance
11 maart 2019 

Spirituality and Abundance

The greatest collection of words that will lead you to enlightenment and a higher purpose

About Spirituality And Abundance

Other people might have their own belief and you’re most welcome to state it. Extravagant desire for wealth and things which you can’t have leads to misery I concur.

Extravagant hoarding of money or the pursuit of money alone and not of enjoying it or the simple things in life too leads to sickness and depression. Latterly I had a deeply spiritual individual state that she doesn’t want any cash, which I thought according to the law of attraction was that of a horrible mental attitude toward life.

To deny abundance in your life is to block off all avenues of advancement. And this got me thinking of this subject on when to draw a line on spirituality or how to strike a balance with the 2 areas in your life. How do we recognize our assigned role in life or in this world, what if our role was to bring in cash in order to do good with it for other people, like the role of a philanthropist?

The Basics

If all the individuals in the world ostracize abundance from their life to go after spirituality who’d feed the hungry and heal the ill? I know a few of you might think this is conflicting to making life simple. abundance is part of our life. we require abundance in our lives ( it’s in giving that we receive …) however don’t give only with the aim of getting alone however to make another’s life better. However don’t be so unattached as to ostracize fortune when it raps on your door. Even if it might not do you any good or you might not have the desire for it as you’ve developed to higher levels of spirituality, still there exists a lot of deserving, suffering humans who require your assistance.

To whom you are able to donate what you might not need. It’s the healthy balance of the 2 areas in your life which leads to real happiness; in my opinion they’re like the 2 parallel lines of a railroad track. In order for the train known as life to run swimmingly we need both lines intact and parallel and thus life would reach excellent heights. It’s our duty toward ourselves to live a great life, not to wish for lack. I don’t believe in quantity however I’m a solid believer in quality. So I choose a short however a spiritually rich life filled with great health, abundance and service toward other people. This reminds me of the prayer, “Lord give me the strength to change things which I can and the courage to accept the things which I cannot change and the intelligence to know the difference.” I can change myself however I can’t change other people in knowing so I rest my case.

Firstly, let me explain that we’re not discussing religion in this blog; yet we all have our spiritual side. We care about one another; we care about our loved ones, our society, our community, and our Earth. We’re all connected in a lot of ways. That’s pretty dang spiritual. We have a particular responsibility to our loved ones, our society, our community, and our Earth.

As we continue on this path toward that rapturous living, we have a lot of ways to connect with one another and help one another. That’s part of the spiritual life-style; many things and individuals will cross your path in the hunt for spiritual abundance. There are no coincidences and no chance events; everything occurs for a reason. Everybody has a purpose on this earth, whether you know it or not, trust it or not. Learning to seek that reason is part of the spirituality life. In order to allow that abundance to flow toward you and resist deflecting that flow, your passions have to be weighed. You have to love what you do, and be passionate about what you do as a job. It ought to be something that delights your soul. If you let that passion surface, you’ll discover that the cosmos moves in your direction to help you in your pursuit.

When you’re executing something that you love to accomplish, the abundance has no blockages in its way toward you. As you beam delight and joy in what you’re doing outwards, the cosmos and abundance beams back to you. Whatsoever you hand out to the world, you’ll get back. Basically, it’s the Golden Rule – do unto other people what you’d like other people do unto you. Try it for yourself. The next time you’re out and about, smile at somebody and say thanks. 99 % of the time, you’ll get a smile back, as well as a earnest ‘you’re welcome.’ That’s a really simple illustration.

That’s not to say that whatsoever you put outwards will constantly come back to you instantly. Occasionally, it takes a little longer, however you’ll get it back. It’s a given; you may take that to the spiritual bank. What you hand out ought to be considered a gift. What should we accomplish with this gift? Mother Teresa stated, “Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love.” This is a blessing you give away and yet discover is handed back to you tenfold. giving back to our world is an necessary element of abundance.

Abundance really begins with you, inside you, not outside yourself. You send it out into the cosmos. In that way, you’re increasing your own inner abundance by sharing it with other people. It will be sent back to you when you least expect it. As you practice this, you’ll find you’ve opened a window, letting in astonishing possibilities for yourself and other people. The more you share, the bigger your world will be, with more alternatives than you’ve ever dreamed might possibly exist.

A different component of abundance, possibly the most crucial component, is a sense of gratitude. Without gratitude for what you get, you’ll wind up blocking yourself again from the natural flow of abundance. There’s power in the universe, one that demonstrates the give and take of that natural flow. Your brain and heart need to be in harmony with that power to really enjoy abundance in your life story.

Gratitude is essential to keep your mind aligned with the thought that the supply of abundance is limitless. It’s really simple to slip into the mentality of scarcity or deficiency, instead of abundance; so try to prevent it from happening. The minute you feel yourself slipping back into the abundance mentality, say thanks out loud, for all that you’ve got and all that you’re yet to get.

It’s a great idea too, to sit down and write up all the blessings you’re thankful for in your life. If you’re feeling down, it’s an particularly great time to remind yourself of all you have, rather than perpetually thinking of all you feel you don’t have. A lot of individuals write in “gratitude journals” and record daily all that they’re thankful for in their lives.

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