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2 augustus 2019 

Motivators And Teamwork

Motivators And Teamwork

The first concept you must grasp in order to achieve great things is that you cannot do it alone. You must be willing to ask for help from friends, family, and associates. However, when it comes to family, do not be surprised if they are slow to accept your goals and aspirations. There have been arguments made for not disclosing personal goals with family.

Either because they may try to steal your dream, or they will tell you it just won’t work. Whether you decide to include your family or not entirely depend on your personality and the level of comfort you have with your family. Remember, while you may love your family dearly, they are not your business partners (in most cases).

If you are the type of person who is easily defeated by the opinions of others, then you will want to avoid sharing your goals lightly. When considering the type of businessperson you are, you may fall in to one of two groups:

i. Those who are motivated to prove people wrong. On the surface this sounds negative, but it isn’t. Trying to show people what you are made of may work for you. If you are the type of person that excels in the face of adversity, then you will get great pleasure out of proving your critics wrong!

ii. Those who are motivated by sticking to their word. In fact telling people your plans can be an excellent way to motivate yourself. You don’t want to appear as though you cannot follow through. Some people don’t succeed because they keep their dreams to themselves, this way if they fail nobody knows.

Conversely, not everyone will face such a negative response. If you know the people around you will support you, then don’t delay and let them know as soon as you can. That covers the personal aspect of achievement, but there are other areas as well. It is important to get support, and to develop a team of people that will support each other in achieving their goals. This has been documented as being a ‘mastermind’ group, but what they are called doesn’t really matter, it is how you utilize the group that matters. After you have solidified your goals, you will want to select people to help you along the way, but not to be selfish.

Find others that know what you don’t, and on the other hand, know not what you know. This may sound confusing, but just remember that you don’t know everything, and you want to find people that can help make up for your weaker areas. Create an inner circle of people that you can bounce ideas off of, look to for advice, and advise them on their ventures.

Remember Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz? You think she would have made it back to Kansas without the help of her mastermind? Just as you should be helping people with their weak areas the ride to the top will be more enjoyable, and once you arrive you will have people there with you!

One final group, especially for those in business, are customers and the public at large. Whether you are providing a product or service, you need to create something of lasting value so that people want to keep giving you repeat business. Your success is never achieved alone, even when it appears so, the things you want to achieve do not materialize out of thin air.

Mantras such as, “The customer is always right” and “Your customer is you most important asset” are to be valued, and ingrained in your business model. To use a sports analogy: What is a sporting event without any fans? It’s just an empty arena, and no vendors! After breaking down your obstacles and figuring out how to beat them, achievement and success come naturally. Most people cannot take their eyes off the intimidating big picture, and break everything down nice and easy.

Remember that great things are rarely accomplished by one’s self. In order to achieve long-lasting success you will need the help of others and the approval of your customers. Create a group of like-minded associates to advise you and give constructive criticism along the way. And do not be afraid to ask for help from family and friends, but heed warning that your ideas and goals are valuable and are not to be thrown around lightly.

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