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Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; 

spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life 

-Amy Poehler


She inspires and motivates people

from all walks of life

She shapes succesful business divas

She uses the art of creating miracles

in life and business

She is a transformative visionary and strategist creating paths to success

I believe that part of my calling here on earth is to help people connect with ideas that extend their vision of who they really are, and all that they can be through stories.

My Big Why

I motivate you to show your true self, to let your voice be heard, and to tell your story so that you make an impact that really touches and lasts.

The most beautiful and worthy gift you can give yourself is the time to embrace and love the unique spirit that you are. Joseph Campbell (mythologist, author, and philosopher) once said: "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are". My belief is that your real purpose here on earth is to align yourself with the great spiritual power, and that your Divine inner compass is already at work in your life.

In Brief

For thirty-four years I have continuously juggled a full-time job, single motherhood (with two wonderful children), and my studies. Even in the face of hardship I have perservered.

At the moment, as a PhD Candidate, I am in the final phase of my PhD, with the subject "Storytelling: Giving Voice to Silent Narratives: The Power of the Existential Story". In 2010

I graduated in Business Administration (MScBA) at Eramus University in Rotterdam.

I majored in New Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, taking courses on, Financial Economic Management, Strategic Management, Leadership and Management, Marketing and Strategy, and Change Management, aside from taking an additional course on Marketing and Management.

Since the start of my career I have been working changing organizations where merger, reorganization, and restructuring are central. As a change manager and as a business manager, I have years of experience with change processes, crises, and troubleshooting.

  I'm on a mission, it's storytime; let's share our story and connect!


Remco Trams

Stage Director | Actor | Theatre Director|

Drama Coach| Writer | Senior Trainer

Dr. Marja Flory

Senior Trainer | Senior Coach

Lecturer at Erasmus University

Dr. Kyrill Goosseff

Senior Trainer | Senior Coach

Lecturer at Erasmus University

Andrea Bakker

Leadership Coach 

Change Specialist

Richard Hulshof

Personal Development and Succes Coach

Senior Trainer

Margot Rantong

HSP Expert

Transformational Speaker

What others say...

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"Sharing is Healing"

By sharing my story I was able to heal. Through this I've achieved fantastic results which allowed me to go to the next level in my life and career.


  • "I had trouble telling my story, now I have gotten over my fear and insecurity thanks to these experts!"

    I was a wallflower, did not dare stand up for myself and tell my story. 

    With the help of these experts, I now feel like a strong empowered woman.


  • "Empathic Listening"

    My fear of speaking to large crowds has definitely been reduced. It took a while, but because they have listened empathically to my story, we have found a solution to the core of my problems.


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